Grand Theft Auto: Vice City App Reviews

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My review is about this game is the first problem there should be multiplayer races. The advantage of this game is it doesnt need wifi. The disadvantage is sometime the game has rebooted and need to restart. These points are need to be forwardedto ROCKSTAR INC.

Several bugs?

I had about 7,000,000$ And I was running and all the sudden..glitch, lost everything so big advice, SAVE YOUR GAMES...glitches out a lot. And I dont like how you have to like turn around for the people to appear? Cars need to go faster it is insane?The "fast" people, are even slow so I think they should be AT LEAST as fast as the fast drivers:/ Could use better graphics on the clips before missions and stuff...thats why Im giving 3 ⭐️?

Throwback Game

Reminds me of when I played it on PS3

I have no sound in game

iPhone 5s, no sound in game :((((( help please, reinstall doesnt help((( please what is the problem with sound? In options maximum lvl

Vice City Forever

Всё Супер! Только оптимизируйте под iOS 10,11 (iPhone 6s)

Settings issue

Game is perfcect except the limited settings for graphics. Idk why but I cant change it becuz there is no option LOL. We need this update pls.

Cheat codes

Missing one thing, cheat codes.

The Ambulance and fire truck

When you injure or kill some bodey the ambulance doesent come!!!!! This is a really bad bug for this game...please make new update,This problem has for fire truck too!!!!!!!!

Crashes a lot

Game keeps crashing all the time no idea why i press resume game and it crashes

Translated very well into mobile!

Must play for OG GTA fans!


I cant even get into the game bc it just send me back to the homes creep and YESS I have tried turning my device all the way off and no it did not work

Still golden even in 2017.

GTA Vice City will remain one of the best games of all time. Period.

Little hep DEVS please

Hey guys, the game was running great until it wasnt.... kicks me out after the load line screen when resuming the game... rebooted the phone, no luck. Dont want to loose all my progress and delete and reinstall... give me a hand guys please!

Issa gr8 game

This game is only missing one thing... the PS2 opening sequence

Great Game

Best 3D GTA game ever!

Its great

This game is awesome! Works perfectly with iPad Pro

Loving it!

Great game. Controls kinda hard to get use tho other than that its really good

Good game but crashes

Good game but it crashes everytime i open it fix!! Wonderful to see it doesnt crash, but I lost my progress so will have to see if I can get past my previous game.


Its awesome that they did this!!! Keeps me entertained while Im flying.

Please add cheat codes

The game is a good conversion. Works totally fine on iPhone 5s except small framerate drops once in a while. The controls are okay and adjustable. However, I really recommend adding an option to use cheats because they make GTA much more fun and relaxing. I usually play games from this franchise to run, drive around and annihilate everything and its not really possible without cheats.

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